Digital Television Networks

MATV (Master Antenna Television) system is basically a television signal distribution system that sends signals from an aerial to various points. An MATV system varies in size and complexity depending on the location.

Foreign Satellite TV and Motorised Systems
There are thousands of satellite TV channels to choose from, depending on your viewing requirements.

There a number of ‘Free To Air’ television channels where no monthly fee or subscription is required. There are also a number of premium subscription television channels, and also encrypted channels which require a decryption card to be unlocked. Please note, your European satellite receiver will require a CAM for these channels.

Integrated reception systems (IRS)

Integrated reception system (IRS) is mainly used for communal dwellings but can be applied to any property that wishes to have various reception signals routed though a single cable (or two cables for Sky + or Sky HD). The IRS system can take various signals such as, Terrestrial, Digital, FM and DAB and various satellites and combine them through the aid of a head end unit into a single cable or two cables for Sky + or Sky HD. It can be applied to anything from a single dwelling to an unlimited amount of dwellings, all receiving around the same signal level in each dwelling thus eliminating the need for numerous dishes, aerials or cabling being fitted to a communal building, so keeping the structure of the building free from clutter which can sometime deface the architectural design of a building.

If you are a builder or developer and require advice on what type of systems are available, or information on installation trends, we’ll be happy to advise. There are many new innovations which in recent months have become affordable and several which have become almost essential from a sale point of view.