Evidential Interview Recorders

Heriot AV now offer the latest digital recording technologies from One Digital.

The One Digital recorders are all fully PACE compliant, with each disc being digitally signed to protect the integrity of the recording. This makes it the convenient choice to record interviews under caution, as well as suspect or witness interviews and Courtroom proceedings.

We currently offer both fixed and portable, audio-only interview recorders, the latter with the benefit a battery power option, and are soon to release a fully-featured audio/video interview recorder, also be PACE compliant for interviews under caution and vulnerable witness interviews.

All our interview recorders are provided network-ready, either immediately or for implementation at a later date with no need to replace the machine. This can be for inclusion onto your own network or one that we can provide.

AVIR Audio Video Interview Recorder

The One Digital AVIR is a digital audio/video interview recorder, capable of making 2, 3 or 4 simultaneous DVD copies of the recorded interview. The recorded picture comprises one main picture and 2 picture-in picture inserts, which can be positioned anywhere on the screen.

Each picture in picture (PiP) can be toggled on or off and swapped with the main picture during recording.

A front mounted 7” graphical display is used for instructions and video display while the unit is operated via 3 front mounted push buttons – Record, Stop and Pause. The user interface is very user friendly, it is mostly a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question style.

AIRLight Portable 2 Drive Recorder

The AIRLight portable Interview recorder is a PACE compliant digital audio recorder for evidential and disciplinary interviews. The portable recorder can be mains or battery powered and is suitable for recording in any location. The recorder guarantees faultless, digital stereo recordings of up to eight hours on two identical CD’s copies. Both copies are digitally signed preserving the integrity of the recording. The AIRLight recorder is network-ready.

For more information about One Digital recorders visit www.onedigital.ltd.uk